Garment Information


Our Sizes

We know that to help regulate your little one’s temperature, the ability to layer their clothing is enormously important - particularly in their first few months of life. With this in mind we have deliberately made our sizes generous to allow some room underneath.

 Age Chest Width Sleeve Length Body Length
0-3 Months 23cm 25.5cm 25.5cm
6-12 Months 24cm 27cm 29cm
12-18 Months 27cm 35.5cm 35.5cm
2 Years 28cm 37.5cm


Our Colour Palette

With a view to protecting our environment from additional landfill and creating garments which can be treasured and passed on to the next generation, we have carefully selected a colour palette and styles of a classical nature. There are so many beautiful children’s clothes available today in various tones and patterns. We hope our collection will offer timeless versatility and complement every little person’s wardrobe.