From a Father, for a Daughter

With our first born on the way, a shopping we did go.
Teddies and toys, books and clever tricks
Help them sleep they said, try this quick fix

We looked for good clothes, but only cotton we found
Where were all the knits,
Cardigans, booties, hats, or wee mits?

So Dad got to work and sourced some yarn.
He wanted the best for his little Rosa,
Merino Cashmere, from Italy, he chose her.

Then the search for beautiful designs.
So into Grandma’s knitting drawer,
To bring back to life, the old patterns, once more.

It’s a nod to the past and to a sustainable future.
And that’s how Benmore was born,
To keep Little Ones well dressed, and keep them warm

Why Wool

The benefits of wool have long been well known. For generations it has been sought for its thermal qualities, and for its breathability as temperatures change. Above all, there’s nothing better for keeping your Little One cosy.

However, there’s a new reason to embrace this noble fibre. One we can’t ignore.

Micro-biologists are discovering that synthetic clothing which may include materials such as polyester and acrylic are breaking down during every wash cycle, releasing tiny microplastics into our water systems, which eventually end up in our oceans, and potentially, in our food chain.

Seeing as we are a company devoted to looking after today’s Little One, it’s only right we look after their future too. So embrace this beautiful fibre. Buy wool and play your part in making your Little One’s future a better one.