How to Dress your Baby for Winter

Can you feel it? Winter is almost here and it’s getting chilly! Dressing your little one for the cooler weather might feel a bit daunting but we’re here to help.

Being particularly sensitive to the cold, little babies are not yet able to regulate their own body temperatures so they need a little bit of help staying warm when you’re out and about. We’ve collated a few good pointers for keeping them comfortable and cosy.

  1. The One Layer More rule this general rule of thumb is a nice easy one to remember. To keep your little one comfortable inside and out, dress your baby in the same number of layers you are wearing and then add one more for a little extra warmth.
  2. Heads, fingers, little toes… if you’re heading outside on a brisk day don’t forget your baby’s hat! Or some mittens and woolly socks or booties for that matter. Keeping heads, hands and feet warm will really help keep them cosy and prevent body heat escaping.
  3. Layers and layers this is the best way to keep your little one comfortable when transitioning into a warm building from the chilly outside or adapting when the sun comes out. If your baby looks a bit flushed and hot, peel off a layer or two. If you’re heading back into the cold, pop a layer back on.
  4. Natural fibres for breathability an essential tip, following on from layers. Stick to clothing made from natural fibres for your base layers and stay away from synthetics where possible. Anything derived from a natural fibre will breathe where polyesters will trap in the heat and put your baby at risk of over-heating.
  5. Wool Dries Warm a big advantage of wool over cotton in winter is its wonderful thermal properties. If you have a little spill, it will dry warm against the skin. Wet cotton will lose heat very quickly which is no good for little bodies out in the cold.
  6. Unbundle for car travel very important for safe travel is to take off any bulky layers when you hop in the car. Capsule and car seat tethers become ineffective if the straps are not done up snug against your little one’s body; and there’s a high possibility your baby will get too hot once they are all buckled in too.

Hopefully this helps you when you’re getting ready to face the cold – as our daughter’s pre-school teacher always tells us, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!’

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