Five reasons to dress your baby in wool


Wonderful Wool.

This humble fibre is a quiet over-achiever, oft forgotten in today's age of fast fashion. In our opinion however, wool is the hero of all threads and if you're wondering what the fuss is about, let us share with you five good reasons we believe it is the best choice for a little baby. 

1. It's natural. And for babies natural equals breathable and breathable equals safe. Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperatures and so dressed in synthetic material are in danger of overheating. Natural fibres such as wool allow the skin to breathe which prevents overheating and keeps little bodies comfortable.

2. It's warm. Breathable is a non-negotiable, so to is warmth for little ones. As a rule of thumb a little baby needs one extra layer of clothing than you and I in any temperature to be comfortably warm enough. Wool has wonderful thermal properties, wicks away moisture and doesn't get cold when it's wet making it the optimal fibre for babies to stay cosy in.

3. It's sustainable. Did you know that a woollen fibre can be bent 20,000 times before it snaps? (in the case of cotton it's only 3,000) This makes woollen clothing hard-wearing and long-lasting and allows you to care for and keep garments for future siblings and generations! Additionally, wool is completely biodegradable and comes from a totally renewable source making it good for the planet which -we think- is a fundamental consideration for our children's future.

4. It's protective. Wool has natural inbuilt UV protection AND it is a flame resistant. Benefits which speak for themselves and make it even safer for little people.

 5. It's beautiful. In a word. Is there anything more lovely than a baby wrapped up in a cosy woollen knit? Wool looks and feels special and timeless. It's luxurious yet humble, comforting and nostalgic. Wool is truly wonderful!

As proud brand partners of The Campaign for Wool we are committed to celebrating and promoting wool and it will continue to be the foundation of our brand. Not yet convinced? Perhaps another wee browse of our collection will inspire you.

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